Part-0 (introduction ): E-Commerce introduction using mvc

9/18/2019 12:00:00 AM


  • You should  have Visual Studio  2015
  • Some C#, MVC, and General Web-Development Knowledge
  • You Should have MS-SQL Sarver 2014 or 2016 you can also use 2012


I will Discuss about   the project, Also Discuss  ASP.NET MVC-5,SQL Server, Store Procedures, Entity Framework, Repository, Bootstrap & CSS Style jQuery, Ajax, Authentication and Roles, CEUD(Insert, Update, Delete), Multiple, Layout, Views & Partial Views .

The Most Important E-Commerce Features I will include In this Project

  • Catalog Management
  • Products Management
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Reporting
  • Payment Options
  • Email Configuration
  • Administration Users
  • Shopping Cart

Catalog Management


  • Search And Sort to easily find categorise
  • Manage Categories
  • Feature Categories within navigation or on the homepage
  • Set Categories as “Active” or “Inactive”
  • Admin User Can manage Categories

Customer Management


  • Search and sort to easily find customers by first name and last name
  • Manage customer accounts
  • View customer details and previous orders
  • Reset Customers passwords
  • Delete Customer Accounts
  • Export Customers
  • Customer Login, Registration & Verify Account 

Products Management


  • Search and sort to easily find products in certain categories
  • Ability to select options such as featured, free shipping
  • Add and manage main product image
  • Set products as “Active” or “Inactive”
  • Admin Can Manage Product
  • Add products to a single category
  • Export products

Order Management


  • Search and Sort to easily find orders
  • Receive email when order is placed
  • Export Orders

Payment Options


  • Manage PayPal account settings
  • Allow offline payment
  • PayPal Payment gateway integration

Administration Users

  • Add and delete administration logins with name, email and password

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Reza Karim

Software Engineer

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