1/29/2020 4:48:20 AM

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. Html use for the web design. Some people think the HTML is a programming language but don’t. HTML is not a programming language it is markup language. The HTML represent the text verity style and design on web browser. Web browser read and understand the HTML. So, we can easily write the HTML language. Now we can understand what is HTML and How can write. Now given bellow the one structure and explain the picture:

We can see the human body and something write. First avoid the text. Let’s understand human body structure. Full body is human body and human body have head section and also body section. Now move the HTML. Html are representing by the tags. Then first question our mind what is tag? Now when we write start with ‘<>’ and end with ‘</>’ this is tag. So, we can see the ‘<head></head>’ <body></body> tag etc tags. So, we can say HTML nothing but combination of tags. This tag follows some rule or we can say structure. Simply we can see the structure of the HTML and also compare with human body. Yes, you are right this is the structure of the html. When we write tag and design then we use body section. Under body tag we write all the design code.