Environment Setup

1/29/2020 5:08:29 AM

If we write HTML code, we need to setup our environment. Environment is more important for write any type of code. Now we write HTML code so we Setup our environment for HTML. We can any type of text editor to write our code. But as a beginner we use text editor which is default our operating system. First right clicks the mouse button then select new then create text document. Then rename the file also rename the extraction. Given bellow the file name and extraction:  

In this code we see the file name as ‘index’ and extraction are ‘.html’. now open this ‘index’ file on notepad by right click the file and open with the file option. We can see our environment for write the code. First, we write HTML structure code which is given Above the introduction section. Our all code writes into the body tag. Now structure code again given bellow:

Note: Write this code and “Ctrl+S” for save the file or you can file option to save the code.