HTML Span Tag

1/29/2020 6:13:42 AM

In the section we work with span tag. This span tag and div tag are work like same. These two tags are called html grouping tag. This div tag use the groping by the block level and span tag are use the inline documentation purpose. Now given bellow the span tag example code and explain the code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      	<title>This is HTML</title>
HTML span tag
<p>Hey, myself Farhan Sakib Jesy. <span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold">Web Designing</span> & Developing is my Passion. <span style="color:darkolivegreen;font-weight:bold">I Just make my passion Convert to Profession.</span> I Eenjoy Programming.</p>

In this code we see the under ‘p’ tag ‘span’ tag are change the style and change the color of the line of text. This inner line change of the text is work in span tag.