HTML Image Tag

1/29/2020 6:10:00 AM

Image tag is very important in html. When we show or display the image then we use the image tag. Basically, html uses the design the web site so every website contains or show the many image this image shows the ‘img’ tag. We can use this tag under many attributes like height width border etc. image tag is self-closing tag so this tag has no ending tag.  Now given bellow the image tag example code and explain the code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      	<title>This is HTML</title>
        <!--image tag-->
        <!--use local-->
      <img src="D:\Office Work\Article Writing\HTML\img/jesy.jpg" style="height: 80px;width: 80px">
        <!--use google-->
      <img src="" style="height: 80px;width: 80px">

We can see the two-image tag are used for display the image. First image show in our local computer path and second image show the google by the URL using ‘src’ attribute.