CRUD Operation In MVC Using Jquery Ajax | Part-1 Retrieve Database Data & Show In A View

8/2/2017 12:00:00 AM


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Step-1 : Create A Database Table 



Step-2 : Click On Visual Studio Create A New Project

  •  File”>New>Project>Visual c#>Web> then provide your project name> then select “ok”> then click “MVC”>ok.

Step 3 : Connect Your Database Using Entity Framework.

  •  Right click on folder named “Model”>Add>New Item>ADO.NET Entity DataModel>ok>Generate from database>next>New connection>Provide your SQL Server name to “Server name” textfield>Select database from “database name”>ok>next
  • Expand “table”>expand “dbo”>select your created table>“finish (If You Do Not Understood This Please Watch Our Video)

Step 4 : Create A New Model Class (Like As Video).


public class StudentViewModel
        public int StudentId { get; set; }
        public string StudentName { get; set; }
        public string Email { get; set; }
        public Nullable<bool> IsDeleted { get; set; }
        public Nullable<int> DepartmentId { get; set; }
        public string DepartmentName { get; set; }

Step 5 : Write Down The Below Code In Your Controller


public class HomeController : Controller
        MVCTutorialEntities db = new MVCTutorialEntities();
        public ActionResult Index()
            //Pass All Department List Using ViewBag
            List<tblDepartment> DeptList = db.tblDepartments.ToList();
            ViewBag.ListOfDepartment = new SelectList(DeptList, "DepartmentId", "DepartmentName");
            return View();

        public JsonResult GetStudentList()
            //Pass The All Student Record From Controller To View For Show The All Data For User
            List<StudentViewModel> StuList = db.tblStudents.Where(x => x.IsDeleted == false).Select(x => new StudentViewModel
                StudentId = x.StudentId,
                StudentName = x.StudentName,
                Email = x.Email,
                DepartmentName = x.tblDepartment.DepartmentName

            return Json(StuList, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Step 6 : Add A View And Write Down The Below Code In Your View


@model FullCRUDImplementationWithJquery.Models.StudentViewModel
    Layout = null;
<script src="~/Scripts/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="~/Scripts/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
<link href="~/Content/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" />

<div class="container" style="margin-top:3%">
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-info" onclick="AddNewStudent(0)">Add New Student</a> <br /><br />

    <table class="table table-striped">
                <th>Student ID</th>
                <th>Student Name</th>

        <tbody id="SetStudentList">
            <tr id="LoadingStatus" style="color:red"></tr>

    $.get("/Home/GetStudentList", null, DataBind);
    function DataBind(StudentList) {
       //This Code For Receive All Data From Controller And Show It In Client Side
        var SetData = $("#SetStudentList");
        for (var i = 0; i < StudentList.length; i++) {
            var Data = "<tr class='row_" + StudentList[i].StudentId + "'>" +
                "<td>" + StudentList[i].StudentId + "</td>" +
                "<td>" + StudentList[i].StudentName + "</td>" +
                "<td>" + StudentList[i].Email + "</td>" +
                "<td>" + StudentList[i].DepartmentName + "</td>" +
                "<td>" + "<a href='#' class='btn btn-warning' onclick='EditStudentRecord(" + StudentList[i].StudentId + ")' ><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-edit'></span></a>" + "</td>" +
                "<td>" + "<a href='#' class='btn btn-danger' onclick='DeleteStudentRecord(" + StudentList[i].StudentId + ")'><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-trash'></span></a>" + "</td>" +
            $("#LoadingStatus").html(" ");


Run This Project

Part-1 Is Done.... Must Watch Part-2 And Part-3 For Complete This Project(Full CRUD Operation In MVC) [Click Next For Part-2]


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