POS-28: Invoice vat calculation discount calculation using Javascript ASP.NET MVC | Invoice crud

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  • Change the scope name $scope.SalesList to $scope.InvoiceCart inside the HomeInvoiceListController.js inside the method of GetInvoiceSalesBySalesId
  • Put the below code inside the HomeInvoiceListController.js and call it from GetInvoiceSalesBySalesId() method.
         function GetProducts() {
                .then(function (response) {
                    var data =;
                    $scope.ProductList = data;
  • We will keep selected the product which already purchase in this invoice. Put this below code inside the <option> tag


  • Pull subtotal from table. Given method is highlighted the additional field that we are newly added to this return object.
    public JsonResult GetInvoiceBySalesId(int salesId)
            POS_TutorialEntities db = new POS_TutorialEntities();
            List<Sale> dataList = (from sd in db.SalesDetails.ToList()
                           join s in db.Sales on sd.SalesId equals s.SalesId
                           where sd.SalesId==salesId
                           select new Sale {
                               CustomerPhone = s.CustomerPhone,
                               CustomerAddress = s.CustomerAddress,
                               PaymentMethod = s.PaymentMethod,
                               TotalAmout = s.TotalAmout,
                               SalesDetailId = sd.SalesDetailId,
                               VatParcentage = s.VatParcentage
            return Json(dataList, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
  • Vat & Discount calculation method will be place inside the HomeInvoiceListController.js and it will be call from GetInvoiceSalesBySalesId when edit button will be click.
$scope.CalculateDiscount = function () {
            $scope.Sale.DiscountAmount = ($scope.Sale.Subtotal * $scope.Sale.DiscountParcentage) / 100;
        $scope.CalculateVat = function () {
            $scope.Sale.VatAmount = (($scope.Sale.Subtotal - $scope.Sale.DiscountAmount) * $scope.Sale.VatParcentage) / 100;
            //$scope.Sale.TotalAmount = ($scope.Sale.Subtotal - $scope.Sale.DiscountAmount) + $scope.Sale.VatAmount;
            //$scope.Sale.TotalAmout = ($scope.Sale.Subtotal - $scope.Sale.DiscountAmount) + $scope.Sale.VatAmount;


  • Run the project and see the output.

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